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Ágota P. Horváth

Technical University of Budapest, Department of Analysis

1111 Budapest Egry József u. 1-3.
e-mail: ahorvath@math.bme.hu , g.horvath.agota@renyi.mta.hu




Aproximation theory, Fourier Series, Interpolation, Potential Theory




2001-2003 György Békésy Postdoctoral Fellowship



Analysis Mathematica





Conferences, Visits:

Talk: Fourier series with coefficient growing polynomially

Talk: Two Possibilities of Giving Tempered Distributions on Arbitrary Intervals on the Real Line

Talk: On wr-normal Point Systems

Talk: Characterization of Fourier Series with (C,1) Means

Talk: Hermite-Fejér Interpolation on the Half-line

Talk: Jackson order of approximation by Riesz means for Freud weights

Talk: Weighted Fekete Points as 1(w)-normal Point Systems

Talk: Rodrigues' Property in Weigted Spaces

Talk: Weighted Hermite-Fejér Interpolation on the Real Line

Talk: Regularity with respect to the Dirichlet Problem



Talk: Abel- summation in Hermite-type Weighted Spaces

Talk: Dirichlet Problem and Summation Methods in Weighted Spaces


·         G. Petrovskii  Conference, Moscow, May, 2007.

Talk: Dirichlet Problem in Weighted Spaces

Talk: Characterization of Types of Fourier Series

Talk: Weighted  Hermite-Fejér Interpolation

Talk: Complete and minimal systems in Freud-type weighted spaces

Talk: Abel-summation, Dirichlet-problem, biorthonormal systems

Talk: Biorthonormal systems in weighted spaces with singularities

Talk: Abel-summation, Dirichlet-problem

Talk: Müntz-type theorems ont he half-line

Talk: Near-best approximation by a de la Vallee Poussin-type interpolatory operator

Talk: A contribution to the Grünwald-Marcinkiewicz theorem


·         International Workshop on Approximation Theory and Applications, Rifreddo (Potenza) September, 2013.

Poster: Weighted Fejér Constants and Fekete sets


·         V. JAEN Conference  on Approximation (Ubeda June, 2014.)


Talk: The electrostatic properties of zeros of exceptional Laguerre and Jacobi polynomials and stable interpolation


·         10th Summer School on Potential Theory (Budapest) August 18-23 2015 (organizer)


Talk: p-transfinite diameter and p-Chebyshev constant


·         5th Workshop on Fourier Analysis  and Related Fields  (Budapest) August 24-28 2015 (organizer)


Talk: Chromatic derivatives and expansions with weights


·         Visit in Sofia: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics October 12-17 2015.

            Talk: The Electrostatic Properties of Zeros of Exceptional Polynomials

·         27th  Oktober 2016 Bergische Universität, Wuppertal 


Talk: Potential Theory and Quadratic Programming


·         Visit in Ekaterinburg, Russia, Ural Federal University,  February 12-22, 2017.


Talk1: How to generalize classical notions?- Orthogonal polynomials, as you like it

Talk2: Ont he zeros of exceptional orthogonal polynomials


·         10th May 2017 University of Szeged


Talk: Potential theory and else


·         6th Workshop on Fourier Analysis  and Related Fields  (Pécs) August 24-31, 2017 (organizer)


Talk: The Dirichlet Problem in Weighted Norm (joint work with K. Kazarian)


·         Visit in Ekaterinburg, Russia, Ural Federal University,  22  February – 4 March, 2018.


Talk: Theory and practice – is there any relationship? - Chromatic derivatives and expansions with weights


·         Harmonic Analysis and Approximations – VII, September 16-22, 2018 Tsaghkadzor, Armenia


Talk: Translation operator on the half-line