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Fecupboard20 (free bitmap font with 20x10 pixel character cell, easily distinguishable characters, great for terminals and programming, has all characters in iso-8895-1 and 8859-2 and more)

Cbstream and cbriver FAQ

Informatika 1 anyagok listája (matematikusoknak, 2010)

Informatika 2 (matematikusoknak, 2009 tavasz)

Programozási feladat 2 (matematikusoknak, 2008. ősz)

Pólya-Szegő szeminárium (2004-2005.)

List of publications.

Önéletrajz (CV in hungarian)

Diplomamunkám (MsC thesis, 2008); kivonat (extract)

Topological relaxations of chromatic conjectures article with G. Simonyi.

Slides for presentation on 8fcc based on that article

Abstract of presentation on 8fcc

Slides for presentation on HJ2011 based on that article (this one has a brief introduction to the Lovász-Kneser theorem)

Photos from the 7th Hungarian-Japanese Symposium on Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, Kyoto, Japan,

Szelid 2011. fotók,


Custom keyboard layout for X11

Jevalbot source

Cgrep (egrep clone in perl)

Ozy and Millie TOC and mirror

StickManStickMan mirror,

Errno codes, syscall and signal numbers

Ranschburg Jenő: Második házasság (vers)

Weöres Sándor: Munka és béke (vers)

Alfred Tennyson: Odysseus (Ulysses, vers)

Konkrét matematika nyomadhibák

A C programozási nyelv hibajegyzék

List of some books I like

Old toy interpreters: olvasható, scan, geo, psz.

Best of microwave (humour, fun quotes from the manual of a microwave)

Kingdoms sage

Icfp 2008 links

My solution for ICFP 2004

Compact-pwd patch for bash

Triangles code


Search keywords

Magyarországi települések listája

Catalan numbers

Git extensions nightmare

integers in binary reimplemented in Haskell -- a followup to The Evolution of Haskell

Gbog store

Standalone repeatable input field demo

Photo album formatting proof of concept

Memory speed test


Hivjegy webconv test


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