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Welcome to my personal/professional homepage at the Institute of Mathematics , TU Budapest .
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Mailing Address:

Institute of Mathematics
Technical University Budapest
Egry József u. 1
H-1111 Budapest, Hungary


+36(06)1 463 1673


+36(06)1 463 1677



How to find me?

The Institute of Mathematics is located in Building H on the campus of Technical University Budapest.
I am on the fifth floor in office no. 10.
Map of the university campus
Neighbourhood of building H (details)
The university campus and building H on Google map/satellite picture



Teaching and related professional activities

        Teaching in current semester (spring 2017, Budapest):

                   Stochastic Differential Equations / Sztochasztikus differenciálegyenletek

Other teaching stuff (various courses taught in the past years):

Undergraduate (BSc) courses 

Graduate (MSc and PhD) courses

Courses at graduate summer schools

PhD students



Research and related professional activities

Curriculum Vitae



PhD students

Academic family tree (presented by my students at this occasion)

Editorial work (past and present)

          currently (2016-2018) I am chief editor of the Annals of Applied Probability

Membership in international scientific program committees, etc. in recent years

Stochastics Seminar at BME Institute of Mathematics



Miscellaneous links

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Google map/satellite picture of Budapest


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