Curriculum vitae of Prof.Dr. Béla Nagy

Name: Professor Dr. Béla Nagy

Born: Nyiregyháza, Hungary, 1942

Employment: Department of Analysis, Institute of Mathematics, Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Hungary

Postal address: H-1521 Budapest, Stoczek u. 2-4. H. II.

Tel.: (361)-463-2324 or -1857

Position: Professor Emeritus (2012-), Full professor (1987-2012)

Studies and scientific degrees:

Doctor of the Mathematical Sciences, 1985, thesis: Spectral decompositions of closed linear operators in Banach spaces

Candidate of the Mathematical Sciences, 1975, thesis: Trigonometrical operator functions

Doctor of the Natural Sciences, 1970, KLTE Debrecen, Sub auspiciis Rei Publicae Popularis

KLTE TTK Mathematics, 1960-1965


Head of the Department 1988-1996 and 1999-2003

Full Professor, 1987

Associate Professor, 1976

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Structural Ing. of the University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, 1973

Post-graduate scholarship, Department of Mathematics KLTE, 1970-1973

Assistant, Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Structural Eng. of the University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, 1965

Exterior researcher of the Math. Res. Institute of the Hung. Acad. Sci.since 1983

Research and/or teaching positions abroad:

Repeated joint research periods with Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Förster at the TU Berlin between 1988 and 2014, resulting in 32 joint research publications


Fulbright Scholarship: Department of Math., Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia, 1991/92

Guest professor: Fachbereich Mathematik der TU Berlin, 1987/88 ‚ 1988/89

Humboldt Scholarship: Fachbereich Mathematik der Uni. des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, 1982/83

Conferences and invited lectures:

Szeged 2013, Moscow 2002, Haifa 2001, Dresden 2001, Karlsruhe 2000, Ulm 2000, Bristol 1999, Oxford,UK 1999, Berlin 1996, Haifa 1995, Regensburg 1995, Berlin 1995, Ulm 1994, Berlin 1994, Essen 1993, Szeged 1993, Baton Rouge,LA 1993, Gent 1993, West Chester,PA 1992, Knoxville,TN 1992, New Orleans, Baton Rouge,LA 1992, Edinburgh, Cambridge,UK 1990, Stockholm 1989, Saarbrücken 1989, Berlin 1988, Bukarest 1986, Tübingen 1985, Timisoara 1981, etc.

Scholarships home and abroad:

W. Fulbright Scholarship 1991/92,

A.v.Humboldt Scholarship 1982/83,

DAAD Scholarships several times,

Széchenyi Professoral Scholarship Hungary, 1997-2001


Bolyai J. Math. Society since 1965

Member of the Math. Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences 1994-1996

Member of the Scientific Committee of the Faculty and of the Doctoral

Committee of the Section Mathematics

Main research areas:

Spectral theory of linear operators in Banach spaces,

Spectral decompositions and local spectra,

Nonnegative matrices and operators in ordered Banach spaces,

Semigroups of operators and cosine operator functions,

Finite dimensional positive linear systems


84 research papers in English language international publications

Publications cited in at least 14 English language monographs (books)

Head of former OTKA Hungarian research grants (last one till 2014):

Study of the structure of operator algebras and linear operators,

Structure and local spectral theory of linear operators,

Spectral theory and structure of linear operators in Banach spaces,

Nonnegative linear systems,

Linear operators and linear systems


English, German - fluent, state examination (highest level)

Russian - reading professional texts