Curriculum vitae
                                                               Miklós Ferenczi


    Mailing adress: Miklós Ferenczi
    Department of Algebra
    Budapest University of Technology and Economics
    Budapest, 1111. Egry J. u. 1. H. ep.
    Tel.: (36)-1-463-20-94
    Fax.: (36)-1-463-17-80

    Current position

    Department of Algebra
    Budapest University of Technology and Economics

       Degree, education

   D.Sc. (Doctor of Science),
Doctor of the  Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2014
    Dr.habil, 2014
    C.Sc. (Candidate of Science) from the Hungarian Academy of Science, 1987
    University Doctor, Eotvos Lorand University, 1977
    Diploma in Mathematics, Eötvös Loránd University, 1972

       Awards, competitions received

    MTA Nívódíj, 2011
    Pedagógus szolgálatért emlékérem, 2011
    Széchenyi Professorial Scholarship, 2000-2004
    Ministerial praise

        Field of interest

    Mathematical logic, Algebraic logic, General model theory, Uncertainty logics
    Probabilities, measures on abstract algebraic structures


      Matematikai Logika, Műszaki Kiadó, 2002
      Matematikai Logika, Műszaki Kiadó, 2014
      Mathematical Logic for Applications (with M. Szőts), Typotex, 2016
      Valószínűségszámítás és Alkalmazásai, Nemzeti Tankönyvkiadó, 1998, 2007
      A Matematika Alapjairól, Interkönyv, 1919
      A Matematika Alapjairól, Typotex, 2020
      Book edition:
      Cylindric-like Algebras and Algebraic Logic (with H. Andréka and I. Németi), Springer, 2012
      Formal Methods in Computing (with A. Pataricza and L. Rónyai), Kluwer-Akadémiai Kiadó, 2005
    Book chapters: 6
    Dissertations: 3

       Editorial board and Refering Journals

      Journal of Applied Logic (Elsevier)
      Mathematical Review and Zentralblatt of Mathematics

        OTKA  supported research
    (grant of Hungarian Acadamy of Science)
    Leader of the project
    Title: Logics and applications,
    Research group with 10-12 members
    1992-1996, 1996-1999, 2000-2003


    Some important talks on abroad:
    1995 Varsó, 1998 Pisa, 2001 Salamanca, 2003 Leeds
    2003 Malente, 2004 Toulouse, 2004 Boulder (Colorado), 2005 Malaga, 2011 Pisa

    Organizations of conferences held in Budapest:
    Logic, Relativity and Beyond, 2015 (member of program commitee)
    Logic in Hungary (in honour of László Kalmár and Rózsa Péter), 2005
    Logic, Algebra, Relativity, 2000
    Algebraic Logic and the Methodology of Applying it, 1995
    Algebraic Logic, 1988

        International research projects and connections
    Participation in the TARSKI project
    (Theory and Applications of Relational structures as Knowledge Instruments) 2001- 2005
    Research on abroad: Pisa 2011, 1994, Amsterdam 1998, Ottawa 1988
    Coordinator in TEMPUS project, 1992-1996


    Teaching Mathematics on every levels from undergraduate to PhD,
    on the faculties Mathematics, Electrical Engineering and Software Engineering.
    Main courses: Mathematical logic, Probability theory, Linear algebra

     TÁMOP project BME TTK, leader of the Mathematical project, 2010-2011, 2012-2013

       Language skills

    Fluent in English, reading skill in German and Russian