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2018-23: ERC Consolidator Grant, Noise-Sensitivity Everywhere
2017: Bolyai Plaquette from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2016: 7ECM Berlin invited speaker
2014: Paul Erdős Prize from the Mathematics Section of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2013-: Research Fellow at the Rényi Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and
half-time Associate Professor at the Department of Stochatics of TU Budapest
Research supported by a Bolyai Fellowship, and partially supported by Balázs Szegedy's Lendület and Miklós Abért's OTKA grants
2011-13: EU Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship at the Department of Stochatics of TU Budapest, hosted by Bálint Tóth
2011:           Rollo Davidson Prize from the University of Cambridge
jointly with Christophe Garban, "for striking and important new results for planar random processes, particularly in establishing a theory of noise sensitivity for critical percolation and the application of this theory to dynamical percolation"
2009-11: Coxeter Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto (Scarborough, St George)
Research supported by an NSERC individual Discovery Grant
Fall 2008: Postdoc at MSRI, in the Ergodic Theory and Additive Combinatorics semester
2006-08: Postdoc at the Theory Group of Microsoft Research, working mainly with Oded Schramm (whom I miss dearly)
2001-06: PhD at the Dept of Statistics at UC Berkeley, under the guidance of Yuval Peres
Thesis: Dependent percolation, critical exponents, anchored isoperimetry and random walks
1999-2001: Started my PhD in Szeged, but was mostly dancing.
1998-99: Part III (kind of MSc) at the University of Cambridge, England, mainly to learn geometry
Essay on Morse theory and supersymmetry, under the supervision of Graeme Segal
1997: Kató Rényi Memorial Prize for outstanding undergraduate research, from the János Bolyai Mathematical Society
1994-99: Diploma at the Bolyai Institute, Szeged, under the guidance of Péter Hajnal
Thesis: Disease processes and bootstrap percolation
1990-94: Ságvári High School, Szeged, class specialized in mathematics

Homepages of my co-authors, favourite professors and mathematicians:

Noga Alon (algebraic and probabilistic combinatorics), Michael Baake (quasicrystals), József Balogh (graph theory and probability), Itai Benjamini (probability and metric geometry of groups), Vitaly Bergelson (ergodic Ramsey theory), Hugo Duminil-Copin (probability), György Elekes (combinatorial geometry), Benson Farb (geometric group theory), Christophe Garban (probability), Tim Gowers (combinatorics, number theory, Banach spaces), Péter Hajnal (combinatorics - former advisor in Szeged), Alan Hammond (probability), András Krámli (probability and stat. physics), Russell Lyons (probability), Péter Major (probability and Bolyai kollégium anno), John Milnor (geometry, complex dynamical systems, complexity), Elchanan Mossel (theoretical computer science, usually with probability or discrete Fourier analysis) Volodia Nekrashevych (self-similar groups, holomorphic dynamics), Tibor Ódor (geometry), Yuval Peres (probability theory, Hausdorff dimension - former advisor in Berkeley), Imre Ruzsa (combinatorial number theory), Oded Schramm (probability and conformal invariance),  Nándor Simányi (biliard dynamical systems),  Joel Spencer (probabilistic combinatorics), Terence Tao (harmonic analysis, combinatorics, PDE), Ádám Timár (probability), Bálint Tóth (probability and hydrodynamic limits),  Bálint Virág (probability),  Shmuel Weinberger (geometry, complexity)