The program Compoly is developed for defining and visualizing compositions of polyhedra.

Running Compoly as a java applet is not allowed from security reasons any more.

Download the program!

The program starts in Windows by clicking on the file Compoly.jar.
If the window of the program appears in icon size, enlarge it!
In Linux enter the command: java -jar Compoly.jar

For help at the start you find examples.

You may get more detailed help, if you download and unzip the file, then start the file compehelp.html.

1. The mouse is not active in the drawing field! Use the menu!
2. The program exports the data of the constructed composition in .obj and in .wrl formats. These files are numerated during a session. After closing the program you have to rename them, if you want preserve them.
3. I have developed Compoly for teaching geometric modeling and descriptive geometry. The task is to visualize simple solids in Monge's projection and the line of intersection of two pyramids, prisms, cones, cylinders and their plane sections. Therefore, the visibility algorithms are restricted to convex components.
4. By the help of red-green glasses the anaglyph figures in central projection provide real spatial impression. By exporting the data of the constructed composition to javaview or euler3d you may get more impressive pictures.

Some examples are shown in the following pictures constructed by Compoly:

1. building of a museum

2. toy truck

3. tower

shown by euler3d:

exported in wrl format.

4. a cog-wheel constructed as a composition of regular prisms

5. a simple chapel for the start

Have a lot of fun!

07.02.2008. (last changed 07. 05. 2015.) M. Szilvasi-Nagy (