Telcs, András (BME SZIT)

Causality or something else

Causality is considered as the  holy Grail of science.   ​The first step away from the concept of  deterministic causality is done by ​ ​Norbert ​Wiener.  He introduced the concept  of predictive causality.  Based on that concept  Clive Granger developed a parametric method for the detection of presence of predictive causality.   ​While Granger's method is able to detect one-directional causality it fails to correctly recognize bi-directional causality and misleaded by hidden common cause.   ​The lecture presents a new method which is able to detect all the above mentioned type of causality.  The method is based on Takens’ famous embedding theorem and sophisticated  estimates of intrinsic dimension of manifolds.

The talk is held in Hungarian!

Az előadás magyar nyelven lesz megtartva!

Date: Sep. 19, Tuesday 4:15pm

Place: BME, Building „Q”, Room QBF13

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