name: HUJTER Mihaly (nickname: Misi pronounced as Mee-she; the family name is pronounced as Hooi-tair)

born: Tet, Gyor county, Hungary, December 27, 1957

mail: Hungary 1116 Budapest, Fehervari ut 233


phone: (+36 1) 463 1384

profession: mathematician

status: associate professor, Mathematics Institute, TU Budapest

languages: Magyar (native), English (fluent), Russian (reading)

research areas: operations research, graph theory, geometry, numerical methods, history of sciences

main contributions to mathematics: lower bounds for the Frobenius number; cograph contractions as perfect graphs; precoloring extension theory of graphs; polyhedral sieve formula for probability bounding


EDUCATION AND DIPLOMAS (in backward cronological order)

1998-1999: researcher, Mathematics B (Optimization) Department, TU Graz, Austria

1993: "candidate" in mathematics (and Ph.D.), Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Thesis: Combinatorial optimization problems related to geometrical packings and coverings

1988: university doctorate, Eotvos Univ., Budapest (summa cum laude).

1983-1986: Ph.D. student, operations research, Rutgers Univ., U.S.A.

1981-1983: assistant researcher, MTA SzTAKI, Budapest

1982: High Education Medal, Presidental Council of Hungary

1981: Eminent M. Sc. diploma, mathematics, Eötvös Univ., Budapest

1976-1981: mathematics student Eötvös Univ., Budapest


APPOINTMENTS (in backward cronological order)

2009-present: organizer of Students' Scientific Research Conferences, Mathematics Institute, TU Budapest

2002-present: associate professor, Mathematics Institute, TU Budapest

1999: Szechenyi Professor Fellowship for years 2000-2003

1998-1999: researcher and assistant professor, Mathematics B (Optimization) Department, TU Graz, Austria

1994-2002: associate professor, Univ. Miskolc, Hungary

1991: Farkas Gyula Prize, Bolyai Math. Society, Hungary

1991-93: assistant professor, Univ. Miskolc, Hungary

1986-91: researcher, MTA SzTAKI, Budapest

1983-1986: teaching assistant, Rutgers Univ. U.S.A.

1983: Ph.D. student fellowship, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

1981-83: researcher, MTA SzTAKI, Budapest


TEACHING (in backward cronological order)

2004-present: Operations Research lecturing, TU Budapest

2004-present: Computerized Combinatorial Algorithms lecturing, TU Budapest

2003-present: Calculus lecturing, TU Budapest

2003-present: Optimization lecturing, TU Budapest

2003-present: Optimization (Ph.D. course) lecturing, TU Budapest

2003-present: Combinatorial Algorithms lecturing Hatvany Ph. D. School, Univ. Miskolc

2002-present: Supervising a Ph.D. student, TU Budapest

2002-2003: Optimization lecturing, TU Budapest

1991-2002: Optimization and Algorithm Theory lecturing for undergraduate and Ph.D. students Univ. of Miskolc

1998-1999: Graph Theory, lecturing for Ph. D. students TU Graz

1989-2002: three texbooks and many other texts for the students of Eotvos Univ., TU, Ybl in Budapest, and TU Graz

1986-1994: Operations Research and Optimization lecturing, Eotvos Univ. and TU Budapest (main in Magyar, partly in English)

1983-1986: Teaching Calculus, Rutgers University, U.S.A.