Gábor Ivanyos

at BME


Publications: own list, Google Scholar, MathScinet,
Areas: Efficient algorithms for, and computational complexity of, problems from algebra, number theory and related areas, in particular polynomials, associative and nonassociative (e.g., Lie) algebras, representation theory, matrices, integral lattices. (Computational models ivestigated include deterministic, randomized and quantum computations.)
Applications of algebra and algebraic algorithms, to e.g., quantum computing.
Geometries related to groups and Lie algebras.


Representation theory 2019 spring course page (in Hungarian)

Past courses

Applied Algebra course page (in Hungarian)
Algebraic Number Theory course page (in Hungarian)
Mathematical Cryptography and Coding Theory - Coding theory part course page (in Hungarian)
Algebraic and Arithmetical Algorithms course page (in Hungarian)
Algebraic Coding Theory course page (in Hungarian)
Topics in Number Theory course page (in Hungarian)
Finite Fields and Applications course page (in Hungarian)


E-mail: Gabor_DOT_Ivanyos_AT_sztaki_DOT_mta_DOT_hu
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