There will be two 60-minute midterm tests during the regularly scheduled classes on October 31 and December 4, each worth 50 points. Hand-written notes can be used during these tests. I will add up the points you earned and assign grades according to the following scale: 40-54 (2), 55-69 (3), 70-84 (4), 85-100 (5). The make-up midterms will be held on the 16'th of December.

Topics of the course

The course is based on Béla Barabás's Hungarian lecture notes. Sometimes I will also use Thomas' calculus.

Classroom notes I.

Vandermonde matrix (for interested students)

Classroom notes II.

Classroom notes III.

Classroom notes IV.

Classroom notes V.

From now on I will extensively use András Vetier's electronic probability book.

Classroom notes VI.

Classroom notes VII.

Classroom notes VIII.

Standard normal distribution table

Classroom notes IX.