Course homepage

Useful homepage (data, explanations, etc.)

Electronic probability lectures notes of András Vetier containing plenty of Excel simulations

List of Excel functions created by András Vetier

R download possibility (manuals are also available)

R studio download possibility

Very good introduction to the R language

The amazing DataCamp learning platform provides full access to the entire DataCamp course curriculum for each student for 6 months. The support of Datacamp is greatly acknowledged.

The course will be held online using Microsoft Teams. Besides the regular class (Thursday 8:15-10:00), there will be consultations on Mondays between 16:45-17:30.

There will be two 15-point tests (the first on March 18 and the second on May 6). For the signature, you have to receive at least 6 points from both. The retake and re-retake tests will be held on May 14 between 14:00-17:10 and on !!!May 20!!! (the date has been changed, the original date was May 18) between 14.00-15:30, respectively. On the re-retake test, only one of the two tests can be repeated.

First practical class (soon)