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Useful homepage (data, explanations, etc.)

Electronic probability lectures notes of András Vetier containing plenty of Excel simulations

List of Excel functions created by András Vetier

R download possibility (manuals are also available)

R studio download possibility

Very good introduction to the R language

There will be two 15-point tests in the semester. For the signature, you have to receive at least 6 points from both. During the tests you are allowed to use 2 pages long (1 piece of A4 paper) hand-written notes. During the second test, you can also use the internet.

The retake tests of the first and second exams will be held next Monday (20th of May) between 8:30-10:00 and 10:00-11:30, respecively.

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Excel test

7th practical class

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R test

Solution of the R test