Course Requirements Mathematics A3a

Code: BMETE90AX02

Instructor: Marianna Bolla , Dr.

Faculty of students: Civil Engineering Faculty

Attendance: Being absent for more than 30% of the classes will result in denial of faculty signature regardless of the reason of missing those classes.

Tests: There will be two tests, 45 minutes each, for maximum 50 points each.

First one: during 6-th or 7-th week

Second one : during 11-th or 12-th week.

Make up tests: 13-th week

Faculty signature: To get the faculty signature, besides the attendance requirements, the total result of the midterm tests must be at least 30 points (30% ). Any of them can be repeated.

The students, who can not get the faculty signature because of their poor performance during the tests, will have the opportunity to earn it by taking a repeated test on the week before the exam period , in 90 minutes, for maximum 100 points. Exercises are from both topics, and

alltogether 30 points must be reached for the signature.


Boyce, W. E., DiPrima, R.C., Elementary Differential Equations , Wiley, New York, 1992.

Béla Barabás: Differential Equations (Note, Copy Center, Budafoki u. 13.)

Ross, S., A First Course in Probability, PrenticeüHall, 1992.

Handouts are distributed occasionally.

Consultations: in office hours of the instructor..

Exam: No final exam can be taken without faculty signature. The final exam is a test which lasts 100 minutes for 100 points.

Grading: Passing condition: final exam has to be at least 40 points, further the following

weighted final points must reach the 50.

(final points)=0.4x(sum of midterm tests)+0.6x(final exam)

If a student has the signature from previous year, then 30 points will be considered as the sum of his/her total midterm test points. However, by retaking both midterm tests, this can be improved (in this case this last result is regarded as the midterm result).

Final grade:

0-49 Fail (1)

50-61 Pass (2)

62-73 Satisfactory (3)

74-85 Good (4)

86-100 Excellent (5)

September 5, 2017. Marianna Bolla

Dr. Habil.

Dept. Stoch.