[matematikus képzés], MS
Spectral Clustering ***

Code: BMETE95MM26; Requirement: 2 lectures/week, final test/exam, 3 credits
Semester: 2020/21/1; Language: English;

Lecturer: [Dr. Bolla Marianna]

Presence. It will be an online course this semester,. It is your responsibility to keep informed. New information, Teams code, etc are on the homepage (below).

Final exam: theoretical questions from the topics and basic notions. Only if you want to improve your grade offered for your midterm assessment (homework or presentation)

and a final test.

The final grade. Offered based on the midterm assesssment and a final test. There will be a homework exercise set for those who do not want to prepare a presentation. A 15-20 minutes long presentation can be hold in the last weeks of the semester (based on papers, related to the topics, I will provide a list). This gives 50% of your final grade. The other 50% is given on the basis of an online test (theoretical questions, basic notions) in the last week of the semester. Students who do not take this test or want to improve their result, can take an oral (final) exam in the exam period.

Consultations: each week there will be office hours when you can come to my office

(one by one), or we can go to a larger classroom, possibly meet in the garden in case of

nice weather. As all the facts and formulas are in the written course material and explained in the online meetings, consultations are rather about additional questions, motivation and other problems that can be discussed in personal meetings. I hope that

this repetition gives rise to a better understanding of the topic.

Lecture notes, exam questions, homework exercises, and offered topics for presentation (together with bibliography) are continuously uploaded to the homepage of the subject: http://www.math.bme.hu/~marib/time

Budapest, August, 2020.

Marianna Bolla
Prof., DSc.