[matematikus képzés], MS
Multivariate Statistics ***

Code: BMETE95MM15; Requirement: 3/1/0/F/5;
Semester: 2021/22/1; Language: English;

Lecturer: [Dr. Bolla Marianna] ;

Presence. Absenses are not recorded, but students take a 25 minutes test each week,

based on which can get bonus points or in case of bad performance, suggested to study basic statistics preliminaries.

Two homework exercise sets: 40% performance is also a requirement for the signature.

Final exam: (A) theoretical questions (with proofs), (B) multivariate statistical methods, (C) interpreting the results of statistical program packages.

The final grade is the weighted average of the homework assessment

(50%), and the performance on the final exam (50%).

Consultations: in office hours and before the final.

Lecture notes, exam questions and homework exercise sets are on the homepage

of the subject: http://www.math.bme.hu/~marib/tobbvalt


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(5-8. fejezet) in Hungarian., 2005, 2012.

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Budapest, 30 August, 2021.

Bolla Marianna
Prof. Dsc.