Algebra 1, Fall semester 2019


There will be 2 midterms: on 21st of October and on 2nd of December, Mondays, 14.15-15.45 in room T603.

Problem sheets:

#1 (Introduction to Group Theory, 09.09.2019.)

#2 (Subgroups and homomorphisms, 16.09.2019.)

#3 (Cosets and normal subgroups, 23.09.2019.)

#4 (Quotient groups and automorphism groups, 30.09.2019.)

#5 (Direct product and abelian groups, 07.10.2019.)

#6 (Symmetric and alternating groups, 14.10.2019.)

Here you can find the first midterm from the last year. And here are the results.

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