Using this program you can inject keys to your phone which are pressed on your computer. Believe me, it is more convenient to type an SMS on a computer's keyboard. Of course, all the special characters (even Control-C) and Hungarian keys are working :)


Installation on Android

Download RemoteInput.zip. You might have to remount /system in read-write mode. Place

Installation on Android in a chrooted debian environment

Download RemoteInput.zip. You might remount /system in read-write mode. Place


If you want to modify something, this part is for you.
Both binaries are compiled on the phone using debian. The packages libncursesw5 and libncursesw5-dev are necessary.

g++ RemoteInput.c suinput.c -lncursesw -o RemoteInput
g++ -static RemoteInput.c suinput.c -lncursesw -ldl -o RemoteInput

Howto modify RemoteInput.kcm.bin

RemoteInput.kcm.bin is generated from RemoteInput.kcm with kcm.cpp. The file kcm.cpp requires KeycodeLabels.h and ByteOrder.h. All these files are from the Android source tree.


Error opening terminal: unknown. You should put the file "unknown" to /system/etc/terminfo/u/, and try again.

In linux using adb the keys from F1 to F5 don't work. You should put the file xterm to /system/etc/terminfo/x/, and type "export TERM=xterm" before start. It is far from perfect, but it works.

In Putty the function keys are not working. Then in the settings change Terminal, Keyboard, "The Function keys and keypad" to Xterm R6. I can't manage to get Del and Home work in Putty.

SMS mode

In SMS mode the following replacements are made in order to avoid annoying Unicode SMS (where you have at most 70 characters). In this version this is only for Hungarian characters. If you have any requests do not hesitate to write me.


If you have any question, feel free to write: my address