Course requirements

Dynamical systems



BMETE93MM02;  T0 and T1; 3/1/0/v/5;

Semester: 2023/2024/2;           Language: English;   

Instructor: Péter Bálint


Prerequisites: No formal prerequisites. Yet, the course uses some standard tools from various areas of mathematics. For details, contact the instructor.

Midterm requirements:

Homework assignments. Several (at most 5) homework problem sets will be posted in course of the semester. These are due approx. in ten days after posting (details will be specified on the homepage of the course).

Signature:  a minimum requirement for the course signature is to obtain at least 40% of all available points at Homework assignments.


Makeup possibility: Late homework submission is accepted only in very special cases and to a limited extent; in particular, at most 25 % of homework problems is allowed to be made up at a later date.


The course grade is based on the homework and a final exam:


Students with a valid signature are eligible to participate at the exam. The final exam consists of two parts. The first part is theoretical, certain elements of the course material (definitions, theorems, proofs, examples) have to be written up, in the second part problems have to be solved.

The homework score contributes by 20 % to the final grade, while the score at the final exam contributes by 80 %. 

If the cummlatice score obtained this way  is p %, the final grade is:     


1    if     0 =< p < 40 ,
2    if    
40 =< p < 55,
3    if    
55 =< p < 70,

4    if     70 =< p < 85,

5    if     85 =< p.


In case you have a valid signature from a previous semester: you may opt between (i) submitting the homework problems this semester, and obtaining a homework score, or (ii) evaluation based on your valid sinature, in this case 40 % of the available homework points will be taken into account towards your final grade.     

Further information: On the course webpage.

Consultations: At the office hours of the instructor.


Budapest, February 1, 2024.                          

                                                                                                Péter Bálint,      instructor