Dynamical systems course (Dinamikai rendszerek, BMETE93MM02)

- core course for mathematics MSc and applied mathematics MSc students,

- elective course (
available eg. for mathematics BSc, physics MSc and maths, physics or engineering PhD students).


In the spring semester 2022:

Monday, 14.15-16.00Room H406
Tuesday, 16.15-18.00, Room H406

First Homework set
was due on March 29, Tuesday. (Available here.)

The Second Homework set was due on May 3, Tuesday. (Available here.)

The Third Homework set is posted HEREDue on May 24, Tuesday.

Sample Exam, available HERE

Cancellations and Makeup classes

Check out the webpage for a previous semseter, Spring 2020 here.

These Lecture notes were typed up in the spring of 2020.

Properties of entropy

Applet to demonstrate cobweb plots, available here

Visualizition of the bifurcations in the logistic family, available here

Log (to track what has been discussed at the classes)

Course requirements

Further reading

Ingyenesen letölthető Acrobat Reader a pdf állományok megtekintéséhez.