Course Requirements

Advanced theory of dynamical systems

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics MSc



BMETE95MM12;  T0, 2/0/0/F/2;

Semester: 2023 Spring;           The course is in English;   

Instructor: Péter Bálint


Attendance:  No formal requirements, nonetheless students are strongly advised to attend all lectures. It is each student's own responsibility to 

be aware of all the information that is announced at the lectures   



Midterm requirements:  

Homework problems. To be posted at most four times during the semester. Solution is due typically in two weeks after posting.

Take home project related to some book chapter or research paper. Students must report on their work at presentations delivered on the last week of the semester.

Make up options: Homework can be accepted after the due date only under very special circumstances and to a limited extent ( at most 25% of the homework posted at the semester).


Composition of the course grade:

To obtain a grade different from 1, at least 40 %  of the available points must be scored both at the homework problems and at the take home project.

When determining the course grade, the homework problems and the take home project are taken into account with an equal weight.

The so obtained performance rate p (expressed in per cents) determines the course grade according to the following standard:     

   0 =< p < 40  results in 1,
=< p < 55  results in 2,
=< p < 70  results in 3,
=< p < 85  results in 4,
=< p          results in 5.


For further information: the course homepage is continuously updated.

Consultation: at the office hours.


Budapest, February 27, 2023.                          

                                                                                                Péter Bálint,      instructor