The research interest of D. Petz

Linear algebra, matrix analysis, inequalities for matrices, mathematical foundations of quantum theory, entropy, random matrices, large deviation theory, quantum information theory, linear analysis, operator algebras, linear operators, quantum statistics, quantum probability, etc.

Quantum entropy

From the monograph Masanory Ohya and Dénes Petz : "Quantum Entropy and Its Use" published by Springer in 1993, the first edition is sold out, corr. 2nd printing, 2004. softcover, ISBN: 3-540-20806-2

Chapter 1 (ps file).

Mathematical foundations of quantum theory

About the lecture notes Dénes Petz: "The algebra of the canonical commutation relation" published by Leuven University Press in 1990,   buy or download

The Wigner theorem and random matrices

From the monograph Fumio Hiai and Dénes Petz: "The semicircle law, free random variables and entropy" , published by the AMS in 2000.
Table of contents , Chapter 1 (ps file ), AMS bookstore (Order code: SURV-77

John von Neumann

Legacy of John von Neumann in the theory of operator algebras (ps file)

Entropy, von Neumann and the von Neumann entropy(pdf)

Von Neumann's page


Quantum Information

D. Petz: Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Satistics
             Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg,
             ISBN: 978-3-540-74634-8

qinfo book