a web page screen shot grabber using Mozilla is a UNIX command-line utility that can be used to make automated screen shots of web pages, without web browser menus or other decorations. The screen shot can be up to 30 pages (32000 pixels) high. It invokes Mozilla to download and show a web page, and then makes screen shots and concatenates them vertically to form a PPM file.

The newest version of this web page is available from

Developing was the homework assignment of the author for the ATHENS ENSAM3 course in November 2004. The e-mail address of the author is Szabó Péter ( the last character (u) of the e-mail address was removed from the link -- this prevents spam bots from recognising the address).



Commands required

Test system

The author of used this system in December 2004 for developing and testing


  1. Download and extract
  2. Ensure that the file is executable.
  3. Ensure that all the requirements are met.
  4. Start an X11 session.
  5. Start an XTerm or other terminal emulator.
  6. Change to the directory containing
  7. Try grabbing, for example issue the command ./ --url= --outfile=lorg.ppm
  8. View the created file lorg.ppm in your favourite image viewer, for example xv lorg.ppm, display lorg.ppm, eeyes lorg.ppm, gimp lorg.ppm, xzgv lorg.ppm.
  9. Convert lorg.ppm to some other image file format, for example convert lorg.ppm lorg.jpg
  10. Run ./ to get to know more options.