My first love in maths has been probability theory, in which I earned my first degrees in Budapest and Moscow.

My encounter with the Moscow maths school, in particular with Dobrushin and Sinai and their students, turned my interest in the mid 70's to mathematical statistical physics and later to dynamical systems, both in an enthralling blossoming then and since.

Starting with the early 80's I have been thinking a lot on ergodic and stochastic properties of hard ball systems and billiards, and of hyperbolic dynamical systems with singularities, in general. Central questions have been how to establish the Boltzmann-Sinai Ergodic Hypothesis and how to prove probabilistically or statistical physically interesting properties of these systems. I am also much interested in the dynamical theory of Brownian motion. I could convince several clever guys in Budapest, how attractive mathematical statistical physics and dynamical systems are.

At present, with my friends our aim is to create a center at the Technical University for engineering/physics/informatics related mathematics.