Curriculum vitae of M. Szilvási-Nagy

Born: Budapest

Employment: Department of Geometry, Institute of Mathematics, Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Postal address: H-1521 Budapest, Stoczek u. 2-4. H. II.

Tel.: (361)-463-2665 or -2645

Position: Assoc. professor

Studies and scientific degrees:

Dr. habil. in mathematics Debrecen University, 2002 (computer aided geometric modelling)

Candidate of the Mathematical Sciences, 1989 (computational geometry)

Doctor of the Natural Sciences, ELTE Budapest, (differential geometry)

Mathematics, Physics and Descriptive Geometry, Diploma at the ELTE Budapest


Associate Professor, 1989 Department of Geometry

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Structural Ing. of the BUTE

Assistant, Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Structural Eng.

of the BUTE

Research and/or teaching positions abroad:

Guest professor: HdK West-Berlin 1986-1991, TFH Berlin 1992-1993, Bristol 1997

Researcher: TU Berlin several times

Invited lectures: Dresden, Karlsruhe, Ulm, Berlin, Potsdam, Graz, Wien, Prag, Bratislava, Hampton VA

Research areas:

Computer aided design, surface modelling, computational geometry

Head of 2 OTKA research grants (1994, 1997)


68 papers, 2 books, teaching program packages (based on polyeder modelling and spline-technique)


Bolyai J. Math. Society, John von Neumann Computer Soc., International Soc. for Geometry and Graphics, Committee for digital Pedagogy of Ministry of Education, Curatorium of the Soc. for Constructive Geometry and Visual Culture, Hungarian Society for Geometry and Graphics

Member of the editorial board of international conferences: EDUGRAPHICS 1993, SEFI 1997, ICAI 1997, 1999, 2000, SCG 2001, 2002

Member of the org. committee: Konstruktive Geometrie 1993, 1995, 1998, 2001, 2005

actual: John von Neumann Computer Soc., Hungarian Society for Geometry and Graphics


For the Hungarian higher education 2000, Széchenyi István scolarship 2001.


German, English fluent, Russian reading professional texts.