Retired associate professor, Department of Stochastics, Institute of Mathematics, Budapest University of Technology and Economics;

Education, degrees:

Candidate (equivalent to Ph.D.) in mathematics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1983, Thesis title: Billiards in Potential Fields; Diploma in mathematics, Eotvos University, Budapest, 1973;

Visiting positions:

Centeral European University, Budapest, 1999/present; State University of New York at New Paltz, New York, USA, 2 times 1 year, 1991/92 and 1988/89; Brevard Community College, Florida, USA, 1 year, 1987/88; University of Rome, Italy, 1 month, 1984;


Deans Award 2012; Excellent Teacher of the Faculty, awarded by the Commette of Students, 2001; Textbook Award for my "Introduction to Probability Theory", awarded by the Hungarian Ministry of Education, 1986; K. Renyi Award for outstanding student paper, awarded by the J. Bolyai Mathematical Society, 1973;

Research interest, publications:

Measure and probability theory, mathematical statistics, ergodic theory. I published 7 research papers in mathematical periodicals and refereed conference proceedings. I wrote an award-winning text (230 pages) in probability theory in 1981. A didactically simple measure theoretical introduction into probability theory for engineers, with new ideas developed during my courses, is presented in my text-book (587 pages), which appeared in 1991. Both books are in Hungarian. I also wrote text on stochastic processes in English language (120 pages), which includes many solved and unsolved problems. It appeared in 1994. Its second, revised, extended edition appeared in 2000.

Conference participation:

Conference on the Role of Multimedia in Teaching at Universities, Budapest, 2005, (speaker); XXXI-th Conference on Teaching Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science at Universities, Dunaujvaros, 2007, (speaker); 10th Sefi-MWG European Seminar on Mathematics in Engineering Education, Miskolc, Hungary, 2000, (speaker); Random Fields (international conference organized by J. Bolyai Mathematical Society), Koszeg, Hungary, 1994, (speaker); 3rd Pannonian Symposium on Mathematical Statistics (international conference organized by Department of Probability Theory, Eotvos University, Budapest, and University of Vienna), Visegrad, Hungary, 1982 (speaker); Limit Theorems in Probability Theory (international conference organized by J. Bolyai Mathematical Society), Veszprem, Hungary l982; Chaos Symposium, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1982; Random Fields (international conference organized by J. Bolyai Mathematical Society), Esztergom, Hungary, 1979, (secretary of organizing committee);Limit Theorems in Probability Theory (international conference organized by J. Mathematical Society, Keszthely , Hungary, l976;

Other professional activities:

Member of J. Bolyai Mathematical Society, Budapest, since 1970; Member of Higher Education Commettee of J. Bolyai Society, 1977-82;