The VON NEUMANN  CENTENNIAL  CONFERENCE will be held in Budapest, Hungary,  October 15 - 20, 2003.  The conference is devoted to linear operators and the mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics, the program includes many  topics:

  • linear operators, in particular unbounded and Schrödinger operators and their role in mathematical physics;
  • stochastics aspects of quantum mechanics, for example probability and statistics in the Hilbert space formalism, quantum information theory and quantum entropy;
  • algebras of operators, von Neumann algebras and applications in quantum statistical mechanics and in field theory;
  • the logical approach to quantum theory, quantum logics, non-commutative probability and quantum structures.
  •         The organizer of the conference is  The János Bolyai Mathematical Society  with the cooperation of the Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics. The advisory board consists of renowned scientists such as:
  • Huzihiro ARAKI (former director of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University),
  • Arthur JAFFE (Harvard University, Department of Physics) ,
  • Peter D. LAX (former Director of the Courant Institute),
  • Walter THIRRING (honorary president of ESI).
  •         Rooms have been reserved in some conveniently located places for the participants of the conference. You may find more details about them on the  registration form which should be sent back by April 15, therefore registration is over. The registration fee is US $ 120. The registration fee entitles the participant to attend the conference and covers coffee and refreshments during breaks. (Lodging and meals are not included in the registration fee.) The deadline of the payment is September 5, 2003. The registration fee should be payed by a certified check or money order sent to the address of the J. Bolyai Mathematical Society: Budapest, Fő utca 68., H - 1027.

          Communications concerning the conference should be sent to the Bolyai Society's address .