The VON NEUMANN  CENTENNIAL  CONFERENCE will be held in Budapest, Hungary,  October 15 - 20, 2003.  The registration takes place on the 15th of October in the main building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Roosevelt tér 9.)

       The first day of the conference will be held in the main building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Roosevelt tér 9.). From the second day on the program continues in the Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics (Reáltanoda u. 13-15.). On 16th there will be a historical session, and early afternoon a memorial tablet will be unveiled at Bajcsi-Zsilinszky str. 62.

Some local information: !.How to go to the Rényi Institute? 2. Map of the center of the city.

The conference dinner will be held on 18th October.
         Rooms have been reserved in some conveniently located places for the participants of the conference. Choosing one of the * marked hotels, you should contact directly with them as soon as possible. Rooms in non * marked places should be ordered directly form the organizers (
* Hotel Astoria
Kossuth L. str. 19 - 21,
phone: 36 1 484 3200
price with breakfast EUR 87/night
* Hotel Erzsébet
Károlyi M. str. 11 - 15
phone: 36 1 328 5763
price with breakfast: single - EUR 72/night, double - EUR 92/night
* Hotel Taverna
Váci str. 20.
phone: 36 1 485 3100
price with breakfast: single - EUR 96/night, double - EUR 126/night
Hostel "CEU Center"
Kerepesi str. 87.
price: EUR 45/night
Földes F. Student Dormitory
Ráday str. 43-45.
price: EUR 20/night (limited number of rooms)

The most important places of the city: 1. MTA, 2. Rényi Institute, 3. Peregrinus Guesthouse, 4. Hotel Erzsébet, 5. Hotel Astoria, 6. Hotel Taverna, 7. Kárpátia Restaurant

      The registration fee is US $ 120. The registration fee entitles the participant to attend the conference and covers coffee and refreshments during breaks. (Lodging and meals are not included in the registration fee.) The deadline of the payment is September 5, 2003. The registration fee should be payed by a certified check or money order sent to the address of the J. Bolyai Mathematical Society: Budapest, Fő utca 68., H - 1027.

      Communications concerning the conference should be sent to the Bolyai Society's address .