Schedule on 15th October

The first day of the conference is organized together with John von Neumann Computer Society and the mathematical conference takes place in the main building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

9.30 Greetings by Szilveszter E. Vizi (president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
9.35 Opening by Ferenc Mádl (president of the Hungarian Republic)
9.45 Greetings by Kálmán Kovács (minister of telecommunication and informatics)
10.00 Greetings by Klaus Brunstein (president of IFIP)
10.15 Greetings by John Ball (president of IMU)
10.25 Greetings by Arthur Jaffe (representative of AMS)
10.35 Heinz Zemanek(former president of IFIP):
On the history of informatics
10.45 Blagovest Sendov(former president of IFIP):
Advent of the electronic digital computing
11.00 Break
11.30 Domokos Szász(BUTE):
John von Neumann, the mathematician
12.20 Benoit Mandelbrot:(Yale University)
Remembering John von Neumann
13.40 Dr. Marina von Neumann-Whitman:
My father, John von Neumann
13.00 Lunch break
Some pictures of the opening:
1 (greetings by Kálmán Kovács), 2 (from the left: Szilveszter E. Vizi, Ferenc Mádl and  Dr. Marina von Neumann-Whitman) 3 (from the left: Ferenc Mádl and  Dr. Marina von Neumann-Whitman) 4 (the audience) 5 (from the left: Domokos Szász, Dr. Marina von Neumann-Whitman, Tibor Vámos and Benoit Mandelbrot), 6 (Péter Bakonyi and László Lovász)

14.30-15.20: Arthur Jaffe (Harvard University)

The unreasonable effectiveness of physics in mathematics
15.30-16.20: Richard Jozsa (Bristol University)
Quantum computing and other surprises
16.20-18.30: Break

18.30-19.30: Concert (the Haydn String Quartet performs)
Evening view

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