Renyi Institute

From the second day of the conference the program takes place the Alfréd Rényi Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Reáltanoda street  No. 13-15.)

16th October (Thursday)

Morning lectures:
 9.00-9.50: Erling Stormer (University of Oslo)
Entropy in operator algebras
 9.50-10.30: Coffee break

 10.30-11.20: Heide Narnhofer (University of Vienna)

Dynamical entropy in quantum theory
Afternoon program: Historical Session
Neumann's house

At 12 p.m.  a memorial tablet of the János Bolyai Mathematical Society and the American Mathematical Society will be unveiled on the house of birth of John von Neumann (Bajcsy-Zsilinszky str. 62.) .

Representative of the American Mathematical Society is Arthur Jaffe, representative  of the János Bolyai Mathematical Society is Dénes Petz.

Lectures in the Rényi  Institute:

14.00-14.30:  Greetings  by G.O.H. Katona (director of the Rényi  Institute). Professor Mandelbrot presents award to the winners of the essay competition "John von Neumann, the mathematician".

14.30-15.00: Coffee break

15.00-15.50: Miklós Rédei (Eötvös University, Budapest)

Excerpts from von Neumann's unpublished letters
15.50-16.10: Break

16.10-17.00: George Dyson (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)

The physical realization of an electronic computing instrument, 1945-1958
17th October (Friday)
Morning lectures
 9.00-9.50: Boris S. Pavlov (University of St. Petersburg)
Von-Neumann operator extension theory and solvable models in quantum mechanics
 9.50-10.30: Coffee break

10.30-11.20: Elliot H. Lieb (Princeton University)

The mathematics of the second law of thermodynamics
 11.25-12.15: Pavel Exner (Czech Technical University)
Von Neumann way to treat quantum sytems of a mixed dimesionality
 Colloquium in the Rényi Institute
14.00-15.00: Benoit Mandelbrot (Yale University)
What is new in fractal geometry
Afternoon lectures

15.00-15.40: Coffee break

 15.40-16.30: Luigi Accardi (University of Roma)

John von Neumann and the birth of quantum probability
 16.30-17.20:Michael Schürmann (University of Greifswald)
Noncommutative stochastic independence and quantum Lévy processes
18th October (Saturday)
Morning lectures
 9.00-9.50: Mary Beth Ruskai (Tufts University)
Additivity questions in quantum information theory
 9.50-10.30: Coffee break

10.30-11.20: Richard Jozsa (Bristol University)

Von Neumann entropy in quantum information theory
 11.25-12.15: Jakob Yngvason (University of Vienna)
The role of type III factors in quantum field theory
Afternoon lectures
 14.30-15.20: Masanao Ozawa (Tohoku University)
Mathematical theory of quantum measurements and its applications to quantum information and computing
15.20-15.50: Coffee break

15.50-16.40: Dennis Dieks (University of Utrecht)

Algebras of observables and definiteness of physical properties
 16.40-17.30: Viaceslav Belavkin (University of Nottingham)
Quantum Measurement Problem: Breaking the von Neumann Chain
Conference dinner
19th October (Sunday)
Morning lectures
 9.00-9.50: André Verbeure (University of Leuven)
Bose-Einstein condensation
 9.50-10.30: Coffee break

10.30-11.20: Uffe Haagerup (Odense University)

The invariant subspace problem for von Neumann algebras
 11.25-12.15: Fumio Hiai (Tohoku University)
Norm inequalities of means of Hilbert space operators
Afternoon lectures
 14.30-15.20: Mark Fannes (University of Leuven)
Coherent transport and dynamical entropy
15.20-15.50: Coffee break

15.50-16.40: Andreas Winter (Bristol University)

Combinatorics, logic and quantum coding
 16.40-17.30:  Klaus Fredenhagen (University of Hamburg)
Time as quantum mechanical observable

20th October (Monday)

Morning lectures
9.00-9.50: Masanori Ohya (Tokyo Science University )
Quantum algorithm and its beyond for solving NP complete problem
9.50-10.30: Coffee break

10.30-11.20: Gianfausto Dell'Antonio (University of Rome I)

Recent advances in point interactions
  11.25-12.15: Geoffrey L. Sewell (Queen Mary and Westfield College)
Macroscopic Observables in Quantum Statistical Mechanics

End of conference

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