Aims of the Hungarian Swing Dance Society

According to the world tendency, an organization dealing with dance was founded in Hungary; an organization that follows a traditional way. This is the Hungarian Swing Dance Society.

The Society is aiming for protecting and popularizing dances for jazz, swing or blues music in their original form that came to life at the first half of the century, such as Tap dance, Lindy-Hop, Charleston, Swing, Black-Bottom, Shag, Jive. Moreover, it would like to cultivate styles following and originating form those dances, such as Boogie-Woogie, Rock and Roll, Jazz, Hip-Hop.
Protecting these dances in their original form in terms of music, motion and lifestyle is considered as the main task.

The Society tends to carry through these aims by organising courses, competitions and festivals, at which occasions well-known Hungarian and world-famous foreign teachers and performers are persent.

There is a dance group running within the Society that consists of the best dancers and performers. At performances they introduce dances born in the 20's, 30's and 40's at high standards, exactly in their original form.