Seminar on Applied Analysis

The joint seminar of the Departments of Analysis and Differential Equations at Budapest University of Technology and Economics was launched in September 2016 with the support of the MTA-ELTE research group Numerical Analysis and Large Networks. The founder of the seminar is professor István Faragó (Department of Differential Equations). The goal of the seminar is to help the formation of a research team working on the field of applied analysis (functional analysis, differential equations, numerical methods). The seminar tries to provide a forum for mathematicians involved in applied analysis and for researers who apply analysis. With the seminar, we would like to involve students (MSc, PhD) into our research work.

From January 2017, the seminar is dedicated to the memory of Miklós Farkas. Miklós Farkas (1932-2007) was the head of the Department of Mathematics at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering for two decades. Until his death, he was an emeritus professor at the Department of Differential Equations, the successor of his former department. He was the initiator of the education of mathematician-engineers at our university in 1974. He has contributed greatly to the strengthenig of applied mathematics with his significant scientific results on the field of stability theory and biomathematics and with his books (Periodic Motions, Dynamical Models in Biology).

 From the autumn semester of 2017 the talks will be in English on a regular basis. 

The events of the seminar can be found on the Hungarian version of this page.