List of Publications

András Simon's List of Publications


ˇ A. Simon. Representing all Cylindric Algebras by Twisting, On a Problem of Henkin. In: H. Andréka, M. Ferenczi, and I. Németi, editors, Cylindric-like Algebras and Algebraic Logic, Springer, 2013, pp. 163-183.

ˇ I. Németi and A. Simon. Weakly higher order cylindric algebras, and finite axiomatization of the representables. Studia Logica 91(1):53-61, 2009.

ˇ A. Simon. Non-representable algebras of relations. Ann. Pure Appl. Logic (accepted) 85 pages.

ˇ A. Simon. Connections between quasi-projective relation algebras and cylindric algebras. Algebra Universalis 56(3/4):263-301, 2007.

ˇ H. Andréka, S. Givant, Sz. Mikulás, I. Németi, and A. Simon. Notions of density that imply representability in algebraic logic. Ann. Pure Appl. Logic, 91:93-190, 1998.

ˇ H. Andréka, S. Givant, I. Németi, and A. Simon. Persistent properties and an application to algebras of logic. Algebra Universalis, 38:141-149, 1997.

ˇ I. Hodkinson and A. Simon. The k-variable property is stronger than H-dimension k. Journal of Phil. Logic, 26:81-101, 1997.

ˇ I. Németi and A. Simon. Relation algebras from cylindric and polyadic algebras. Logic Journal of the IGPL, 5(4):575-588, 1997.

ˇ H. Andréka, Á. Kurucz, I. Németi, I. Sain, and A. Simon. Causes and remedies for undecidability in arrow logics and in multi-modal logics. In M. Marx, M. Masuch, and L. Pólos, editors, Arrow logics and multi-modal logics, Studies in Logic, Language and Information, pages 63-99. CSLI, Stanford, 1996.

ˇ I. Németi, I. Sain, and A. Simon. Undecidability of the equational theory of some classes of residuated boolean algebras with operators. Bulletin of the IGPL, 3(1):93-107, 1995.

ˇ Á. Kurucz, I. Németi, I. Sain, and A. Simon. Decidable and undecidable modal logics with a binary modality. Journal of Logic, Language and Information, 4(3):191-206, 1995.

ˇ H. Andréka, I. Kurucz, I. Németi, I. Sain, and A. Simon. Exactly which logics touched by the dynamic trend are undecidable. In Proceedings of the Ninth Amsterdam Colloquium, pages 67-86, Amsterdam, 1994.

ˇ Á. Kurucz, I. Németi, I. Sain, and A. Simon. Undecidability of varieties of semilattice ordered semigroups, of boolean algebras with operators and logics extending the Lambek calculus. Bulletin of the IGPL, 1(1):91-98, 1993.

ˇ A. Simon and I. Németi. Some purely logical forms of the finitization problem (abstract). Journal of Symbolic Logic, 58(3):1132, 1993.

ˇ A. Simon. What the finitization problem is not. In C. Rauszer, editor, Algebraic Methods in Logic and in Computer Science, pages 95-116. Banach Center Publications, Warsaw, 1993.

ˇ A. Simon. Arrow logic does not have deduction theorem. In Logic at Work, Proceedings of the Conference on Applied Logic, Amsterdam, 1992.

ˇ Sz. Mikulás, I. Sain, and A. Simon. Complexity of the equational theory of relation algebras with projection elements. Bulletin of the Section of Logic, 21(3):103-111, 1992.

ˇ A. Simon. Finite schema completeness for typeless logic and representable cylindric algebras. In H. Andréka, J.D. Monk, and I. Németi, editors, Algebraic Logic, pages 665-670. North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1991.


ˇ M. van Lambalgen and A. Simon. Axiomatizing cylindric relativized set algebras with generalized cylindrifications. Preprint, Math. Inst. of the Hung. Acad. Sci., 11 pages, 1994.

ˇ Á. Kurucz and A. Simon. The equational theory of euclidean residuated boolean monoids is undecidable. Preprint, Math. Inst. of the Hung. Acad. Sci., 9 pages, 1993.

ˇ K. Kearnes, I. Sain, and A. Simon. Beth properties of finite variable fragments of first-order logic. Preprint, Math. Inst. of the Hung. Acad. Sci., 9 pages, 1992.

Submitted papers

ˇ I. Sain and A. Simon. Complexity of the equational theory of relation algebras with standard projection elements. 25 pages

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