Mathematical aspects of classical and quantum statistical physics. Percolation models with short or long range correlations, Ising and Heisenberg models, conformally invariant processes in the plane, noise sensitivity.

Gábor Pete, Balázs Ráth.

Probabilistic aspects of deterministic dynamical systems. Chaotic behaviour in billiards. Hyperbolicity, ergodicity, correlation decay, limit theorems.

Péter Bálint, Domokos Szász, Imre Péter Tóth

Fractal geometry, dimension theory of dynamical systems, geometric measure theory.

Balázs Bárány, Károly Simon

Interacting particle systems, hydrodynamic limits, fluctuations in the KPZ universality class.

Bálint Vető

Asymptotic behaviour of stohastic processes with long memory. Self-interacting random walks, and random walks in random environment.

Domokos Szász, Bálint Vető

Spectra of graphs and matrices. Cluster analysis by graph theoretical methods. Parametric and semiparametric network models.

Marianna Bolla.

Random graphs and complex networks. Limit theorems and self-organized criticality in dynamical random graph models.

Balázs Ráth, Roland Molontay, Nagy Marcell, Károly Simon,Imre Péter Tóth

Stochastic analysis, strong approximation and applications

Tamás Szabados

Probabilistic, geometric, analytic aspects of infinite groups.

Gábor Pete

Data mining, educational data science, intelligent monitoring, trajectory prediction, and anomaly detection.

Máté Baranyi, Roland Molontay, Marcell Nagy

Number theory: combinatorial and probabilistic aspects. Cryptographic applications.

Tünde Kovács, Csaba Sándor, Gábor Pete

Information theory.

Imre Csiszár, Tamás Kói

Nonparametric Bayesian statistics.

Botond Szabó

Applications of probability theory to biology and chemistry

Béla Barabás, Tamás Szabados

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