Financial processes, 2014/15 spring semester

The first test will be on April 2, 16:15 in E205 (that is the large building E next to building H, second floor, 205 room)

Requirements for the first test

The second test will be on April 14, 16:15 in KF81 (that is the K main building of the university)

Requirements for the second test

The first and second replacement test will be on May 18, 18:15 in T606 (the building T is next to the building H)

The replacement-replacement test will be on May 21, 18:15, please write me an email if you want to come. Only one test can be (re)replaced.


The Financial processes lecture (BMETE05MM14) is held in H45 room every Thursday from 16:15 to 17:50.
The final mark is based on the following items:
There will be two tests during the semester, each of these will have 35 points. It is mandatory to achieve at least 40% of the points on both tests.
Additional 30 points can be obtain by solving homeworks. There will be 12 homeworks, these are described at the end of the lectures, and can be submitted on paper by the beginning of the next lecture, or in an email no later than the beginning of the next lecture. Every homework is worth 4 points. At most 30 points can be obtained from homeworks.
It is mandatory to get 40% of the homework points, that is 12 points. Submitting the homework later is not allowed.
The convertion of the 35+35+30=100 points to the final mark is based on the following rule:
100 - 85 points: 5
84,5 - 70 points: 4
69,5 - 55 points: 3
54,5 - 40 points: 2
39,5 - points 0: 1

Literature: Steven Shreve: Stochastic Calculus for Finance II: Continuous-Time Models

Homework points and attandance register (contains Test 1-2, Replacement Test 1-2, all the homework points)