Symmetric Polyhedra

Download the program (JAR)
Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is necessary to run it

How to use the program

The program contains the model of the 5 Platonic and 13 Archimedian solids (with their dual polyhedra), moreover the 4 regular star polyhedra and a number of other polyhedron constructions.

Next Polyhedron – Previous Polyhedron:
Choose a model.
Moving by Random – Moving by Hand:
Toggle between moving the polyhedron by random or by hand.
Starting Position:
Move the polyhedron into its starting position.
Colours On – Colours Off:
Toggle between coluor and unicolour display modes.
– In colour mode the program can use the colours C1, ..., C10 for displaying the faces.
– In unicolour mode the program use only the color UC.
Edges On – Edges Off:
Switch the edge drawing mode on or off.

The colours can be changed by pressing their buttons.

A connecting paper (in pdf):
Polyhedron modelling and symmetry groups.
proceedings of II. Magyar Számítógépes Grafika és Geometria Konferencia
(Budapest 2003) 78–82.