Workshop on Mathematical Models and Methods for Energy Optimization (CWM3EO)


The workshop will be held in room K210 of the main building of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Restaurants near the university are shown here.

How to get to the conference venue

The conference venue can easily be reached from any hotel. It is 5 minutes walking from Szent Gellért Square, that can be reached by Metro line 4 (Green line), trams 18, 19, 41, 47, 49 and bus lines 7, 107, 86, 133, and 233. You can use google maps to plan your shortest path.

To use the public transport services of BKV (the transportation company of Budapest), you need to purchase tickets in advance. You can use the tickets for all tram, metro, trolley and bus services on the entire length of the lines, but you have to use a new ticket every time you change vehicles (except between metro lines). Tickets are on sale at Metro stations where travel cards for 24 hours, 72 hours, 5 days or 7 days are also available. See this webpage for more information on tickets and prices, where route planning is also available.