Sep. 9, Kói, Tamás (BME MI): Introduction to Stochastic Processes (Abstract, Slides)

Sep. 16, Tapolcai, János (BME TMIT): Advanced Data Structures in Telecommunication (Abstract, Slides)

Sep. 23, Domokos, Gábor (BME Szilárdságtani és Tartószerkezeti Tanszék/ Cornell University): Natural numbers, natural shapes (Abstract)

Sep. 30, Szederkényi, Gábor (MTA SZTAKI): Analysis and control of positive systems using kinetic realizations: dynamics, structure, and optimization (Abstract, Slides)

Oct. 7, Barabási, Albert-László (Center of Complex Networks Research, Northeastern University and Division of Network Medicine, Harvard University ): Taming Complexity: Controlling Networks (Abstract)

Oct. 14, Korondi, Péter (BME MOGI): Is it possible for a robot to have emotions? (Abstract, Slides)

Oct. 21, Vicsek, Tamás (Eötvös University, Department of Biological Physics): Why do we live in hierarchies? (Abstract, Slides)

Oct. 28, Mádi-Nagy, Gergely (IP Systems Ltd. / Eötvös University): Price Risk Based Power Portfolio Optimization with Liquidity Constraints (Abstract, Slides)

Nov. 4, Horváth, Illés (MTA-BME Information Systems Research Group): Mean-field limit for a class of density-dependent stochastic processes (Abstract, Slides)

Nov. 18, Salamon, Gábor (Morgan Stanley): A Dollar and Another: Thoughts about Mental Accounting (Abstract, Slides)

Nov. 25, Horváth, Zoltán (Széchenyi István University): Scheduling of production lines in automotive factories with the modeling, simulation and optimization technology (Abstract)

Dec. 2, Koniorczyk, Mátyás (Railnavigator Ltd. / University of Pécs): Rostering of passenger rail crew in Hungary (Abstract, Slides)

Dec. 9, Bisztray, Dénes (NSN - HU/Budapest): Using space-filling curves for multi-dimension indexing (Abstract, Slides)


The talks are held in Hungarian!


Information: Mádi-Nagy Gergely