Sep 4 , Kói, Tamás (BME MI): Introduction to Stochastic Processes (in Hungarian) (Abstract, Slides)

Sep 11, Fáth, Gábor (Morgan Stanley): Machine Learning Techniques in Chess and Go (in English) (Abstract)

Sep 18, Szell, Michael (CEU): Mathematical modelling of human mobility (in English) (Abstract, Slides)

Sep 25, Ferenci, Tamás (Óbuda University): Regression modeling of the occurrence of diseases (in Hungarian) (Abstract, Slides)

Oct 2, Bihary, Zsolt (Corvinus): The evolution of human civilization (in Hungarian) (Abstract, Slides)

Oct 16, Orbán, Gergő (MTA Wigner Research Centre for Physics): Discovering the world within (in English) (Abstract)

Oct 30, Paál, György (BME, Department of Hydrodynamic Systems): On the sensitivity of jets and shear layers (in English) (Abstract, Slides)

Nov 6, Fekete, István (ELTE) and Kovács, Péter (ChemAxon): Similarity search on molecular graphs (in Hungarian) (Abstract, Intro , Part 1 , Part 2)

Nov 13, Kovács, Márton András (Citi): Generating Mid Prices with the Kalman Filter (in English) (Abstract, Slides)

Nov 20, Drexler, Dániel (Óbuda University): Taming cancer using control theory (in Hungarian) (Abstract, Slides)

Nov 27, Véber, Miklós (Morgan Stanley): The role of rating philosophy at calculation of credit measures (in English) (Abstract, Slides)

Dec 4, Nagy, Dániel (ELTE MI): Introduction to the Blockchain (in Hungarian) (Abstract, Slides)


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