Currently I'm a Young Researcher at the
Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics.
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Faculty of Natural Sciences (TTK)
learning Applied Mathematics with a major in.


Research interests

  • Random graphs: shortest paths in small worlds, Random Apollonian Networks, general inhomogeneous random graph model of Bollobás-Janson-Riordan, algorithmic consequences.
    More detailed description can be found here, which won first prize at the 2015 BMe Research Grant.
    Further posters in the topic: one in hungarian IHRG, other in english RAN.
  • Fractals and its applications: local regularity of fractal curves, Hidden Markov chains, absolute continuity of the Blackwell measure, dimension theory of non-linear iterated fucntion systems.

Teaching (mainly in hungarian)

  • 2016 fall semester: practical courses for Civil Engineering MSc students in english and hungarian.
  • Previous semesters

Consultation for Engineers

On Friday December 18 you can find me in building H room 503/c from around 15:15 for about an hour.