Statistics Consulting Group

Statistics and Mathematical Modeling Consulting Group

As a group based in the Department of Stochastics, Institute of Mathematics, BME together with other collegeues of the institute, we offer statistical consulting and provide data science research and development service to our corporate and academic partners.


Our group is a proud member of the HU-MATHS-IN - the Hungarian Service Network for Mathematics in Industry and Innovation, and the Artificial Intelligence Coalition.

 MI koalíció

What do we offer

  • comprehensive consultancy from formulating statistical problems in a more precise way, through experimental design and using appropriate statistical methods, to interpreting the results
  • research collaborations:
    • working out statistical methods
    • mathematical-statistical analysis of data
    • developing predictive analitical models
    • machine learning algorithms (e.g. graphical model based machine learning)
    • other applied mathematical research and  development
  • off-site statistical training meeting client needs (theoretical education, workshops about statistical softwares and programs)

Our recent partners


  • Analyzing telecommunication user data with statistical and predictive analytical tools
  • Using statistics, stochastic modeling and machine learning techniques to obtain application fingerprints for resource usage of data processing units
  • Predictive network state trajectory modeling
  • Anomaly detection for early detection of network anomalies

  • Providing expert’s report on the applicability of mathematical-statistical methods used for evaluating braking data

  • Statistical consulting on the validation of packaging of a medical equipment 

  • Developing actuarial softwares (verification of claims that are reported but not settled (RBNS), balance sheet creation

  • Statistical analysis of allergy data (e.g. using logistic regression)

Cooperating partners

HumanField Executive and Specialist Search Ltd. has provided support for the group.


Fatma Abdelkhalek
PhD student

Béla Barabás
honorary associate professor

Máté Baranyi
PhD student

Mariann Bolla
full professor

Edith Kovács
associate professor

Tamás Kói
assistant professor

József Mala
assistant professor

Roland Molontay
research fellow, founder-coordinator

Marcell Nagy
PhD student, deputy coordinator

Tamás Szabados
retired associate professor

Tamás Szántai
professor emeritus


If you  are interested in the services of the Statistics and Mathematical Modeling Consulting Group or you have any questions, then email the founder-coordinator of the group at the address below: