Dynamical systems course (Dinamikai rendszerek, BMETE93MM02)

- core course for mathematics MSc and applied mathematics MSc students,

- elective course (
available eg. for mathematics BSc, physics MSc and maths, physics or engineering PhD students).


In the spring semester 2024:

Monday, 14.15-16.00, room H607
Tuesday, 16.15-18.00, room H405/a

Cancellations and Makeup classes:

A LOG, to track what has been discussed at the classes.

These Lecture notes were typed up in the spring of 2020.

Check out the webpage for a previous semseter, Spring 2022 here.

Applet to demonstrate cobweb plots, available here

Visualizition of the bifurcations in the logistic family, available here

Course requirements

Further reading

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