Current affairs

A 2020/2021 tavaszi félévben az alábbi kurzusokat tartom itt a BME-n:

1. Differential geometry 1 (classical curve and hyperplane theory) lectures in English for mathematician students; the lecture notes are available; and the test questions, too.


The universal von Neumann algebra of smooth four-manifolds with an application to gravity (New York, 21 October 2020 (online from Budapest); NYC noncommutative geometry seminar);

On the stability of relativistic computing devices (the strong cosmic censor conjecture) (Budapest, 25 August 2017; Logic, Relativity and Beyond);

Gravity as a four dimensional algebraic quantum field theory (Porto, 31 January 2017; Quantum Spacetime '17 COST Workshop);

Lecture on the strong cosmic censorship and four dimensional exotica (Stará Lesná, Slovakia, 20 August 2015);

Lecture on classical and quantum Yang--Mills theory over ALF spaces (Edinburgh, 22 January 2014);

Lecture on the strong cosmic censorship and the Church--Turing thesis (Budapest, 11 September 2012; Németi 70 Conference);

Kvantum-számítógépek és -algoritmusok (Tihany, 2010. szeptember 1.);

Docensi előadás (Budapest, 2009. március 20.).

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