Descriptive Geometry

  BMETE90AX06Course In English2020/21/1  

  Lecturer: Dr. István PROK
  Deptartment of Geometry (H. 21)

Course Outline
by Dr. Zsolt LÁNGI

Course objectives: at the end of the term, students are expected to able to

1.    recognize and describe mutual positions of spatial elements, angles and distances,

2.    represent 3-dimensional objects using Monge’s representation method,

3.    construct auxiliary projections, determine angles and distances, perform metric constructions,

4.    solve intersection problems,

5.    construct projections of a circle,

6.    perform constructions in axonometry (orthogonal, oblique),

7.    classify conic sections, construct points, tangent lines and asymptotes of a hyperbola.


Necessary supplies: pencils, an eraser, a set square rulers, pair of compasses.


Grading system:

·         Two midterm tests (15 points + 15 points): 90-minute long tests containing two construction problems.

·         Eight assignments (in total 20 points).

·         Exam (50 point): a 120-minute long test containing three construction problems.

Students who miss a midterm or want to improve its result may write a make-up test at the end of the term.

Attendance: students who miss a class are responsible to prepare for the next class in advance. Those who are absent on two consecutive weeks or from more than 30% of the classes may be dropped.

Grading conversion scale:

·         under 40 points: fail (1)

·         from 40 points: pass (2)

·         form 55 points: satisfactory (3)

·         from 70 points: good (4)

·         from 85 points: excellent (5) 

Consultation: Thursday  18:15  T603.

Other important rules

All assignments must be submitted and accepted. An assignment is evaluated from 0 point to 5 points, it is accepted from 2 points.

The frame (including the text at the bottom) should be drawn with ink. The drawing can be made with a pencil. All the lengths are measured in millimeters.

In case of late submission the grade will be decreased by one point. However, you have the chance to increase your points by repeating one of the assignments until the end of the semester (Dec-17).

Minimum of the assignments: 16 points (total: 40 points) In the last result this will be take into consideration dividing by 2 (total 20 points).

Minimum of the sum of the two midterm tests: 12 points (total: 30 points)

Schedule 2020 fall

Sept-15: Orthogonal projection. Monge's representation. Representation of points, lines and planes; visibility.

Sept-22: Intersection of line and plane; intersection of two planes or two planar figures.
Assignment 1:
Monge's projection of a polyhedron (deadline: Sept-29).

Sept-29: Principal line, principal plane, auxiliary projection.
Assignment 2:
Intersection of two planar figures (deadline: Oct-6).

Oct-6: Auxiliary projection with special purposes (given view, angles, distances, solids).
Assigment 3:
Auxiliary projection of a polyhedron (deadline: Oct-13).

Oct-13: Intersection of polyhedron and line. Intersection of polyhedron and plane or planar figure.
Assignment 4:
Intersection of a polyhedron and a planar figure (deadline: Oct-20).

Oct-20: Intersection of two polyhedra (without transformation of pp, with transformation of pp).
Assignment 5
(deadline: Oct-27).


Nov-3: Basic metric constructions. Metric construction of polyhedra 1.
Assignment 6:
Metric construction of solid standing on projecting plane (deadline: Nov-10).

Nov-10: Metric construction of polyhedra 2 (example A, example B).
Assignment 7: Metric construction of solid standing on oblique plane (deadline: Nov-17).

Nov-17: Ellipse as the orthogonal projection of a circle. Circle in projecting plane, Circle in oblique plane.
Assignment 8 (deadline Nov-24).


Dec-1: Orthogonal axonometry.

Dec-8: Clinogonal axonometry. Conic sections.

Dec-17: RETAKE of Midterm test 1 or 2, registration via NEPTUN.

Dec-17: FINAL deadline of retaking assignments.

Dec-17: EXAM 1. Early exam, instructor can grant the chance for students with good midterm results.

Jan-7, 2021: EXAM 2.

Jan-14 2021: EXAM 3.

Jan-21, 2021: EXAM 4.