Miklós Farkas and a brief history of applied math at TU Budapest

2020. 02. 20. 10:15
Hujter Mihály

The history of the Technical University in Budapest began in the 18th century. The deep mathematical studies started around 1840. Among others, Vállas, Hunyady, J. Kőnig, Rados, Kürschák, D. Kőnig, Egerváry, Hajós, Gallai, Alexits
were important professors of math.

For more than 50 years Miklós Farkas (1932-2007) was a dominant person in applied mathematics education, mainly for mechanical engineering students. He published (wrote and edited) 15 books and 77 papers. The most famous is ,,Periodic Motions'' (Berlin, 1994).

Visit the ,,História Tudósnaptár'' homepage for more details on the above listed persons: https://tudosnaptar.kfki.hu/historia/