Formal Reaction Kinetics and Related Questions szeminárium

The online seminar on Formal Reaction Kinetics and Related Questions continues at the address at 17 o'clock, Tuesdays. We start a few minutes before, and the talk starts a few minutes after 17:00 and ends before 19:00 (CET). 

The first talks:

13th September Xiaoxian Tang, K Wang: 

Hopf Bifurcations of Reaction Networks with Zero-One Stoichiometric Coefficients 

20th September Murad Banaji (Part I) and

27th September Balázs Boros (Part II):

The smallest bimolecular mass-action reaction networks admitting Andronov-Hopf bifurcation

MSc and doctoral students may receive credits (by taking the course Reakciókinetikai szeninárium 1, BMETE92MX17) or a certificate on visiting the seminar.