Ergodicity in nonautonomous linear ordinary differential equations

2018. 10. 25. 10:15
Pituk Mihály (Matematika Tanszék, Pannon Egyetem, Veszprém)

The weak and strong ergodic properties of the positive solutions of nonautonomous linear ordinary differential equations will be considered. We will show that if the coefficient matrix function is bounded, essentially nonnegative and uniformly irreducible, then the normalized positive solutions are asymptotically equivalent to the Perron vectors of the strongly positive transition matrix at infinity (weak ergodicity). If, in addition, the coefficient matrix function is uniformly continuous, then the convergence of the normalized positive solutions to the same strongly positive limiting vector (strong ergodicity) is equivalent to the convergence of the Perron vectors of the coefficient matrices. 

This is a joint work with Professor Christian Pötzsche (Alpen-Adria University Klagenfurt, Austria).