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Talk slides and videos

The Free Uniform Spanning Forest is disconnected in some virtually free groups, depending on the generating set, Probability Seminar, Bristol, 2020.

Kazhdan groups have cost 1, a video from IIAS, Jerusalem, October 2018.

Generalized Fourier Spectrum and sparse reconstruction in spin systems, a bit extended version of my talks at the ProbabLyon conference, 2017, and Bálint Tóth is 60, Budapest, 2015.

Near-critical scaling limits in 2d statistical physics, 7ECM Berlin, 2016.

Noise sensitivity questions in percolation-like models, Probability and Mathematical Physics Seminar, Geneva, 2015.

Exercise sheet for the first day of the Lausanne Summer School: Probability on graphs and groups, 2015.

On near-critical SLE(6) and on the tail in Cardy’s formula, Buenos Aires, SPA 2014, and Cambridge, 2015.

Conformally invariant random processes near their critical point, CEU Budapest, 2013, with the actual talk on YouTube, most of the time spent on what conformal invariance means.

YEP IX minicourse at Eurandom, 2012: 1. Noise and dynamical sensitivity in critical planar percolation 2. The scaling limits of dynamical and near-critical planar percolation 3. The near-critical planar FK-Ising model 4. How long do we have to wait for the exceptional, and what will it be like?

Percolation in the plane and random walks on expanders, or how long do we have to wait for the exceptional?, Technical University, Budapest, 2011.

The near-critical planar Ising Random Cluster model, colloquia at UCLA and the Rényi Institute, 2012.
Critical versus near-critical dynamics in the planar FK Ising model, Oberwolfach, 2011.

Dynamical Percolation Bond Movie, done with Mathematica, 2008.

The scaling limits of dynamical and near-critical planar percolation and the Minimal Spanning Tree, a mixture of talks at the Mittag-Leffler Institute, 2009, and ICMP Prague, 2009.

Noise sensitivity in critical percolation and what else might we learn from it (e.g., about the Fourier-Entropy-Influence conjecture), at the Metric Geometry, Algorithms, and Groups trimester at the Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris, 2011
How to prove tightness for the size of strange random sets? Based on [GPS 2008], Oded Schramm Memorial Conference, Microsoft Research, 2009. Here is a YouTube video.
The exact noise and dynamical sensitivity of critical percolation, via the Fourier spectrum, UBC Vancouver Colloquium, 2008.
Dynamical sensitivity of critical planar percolation, and the Incipient Infinite Cluster, AMS National Meeting, San Diego, 2008.

Random walks on percolation clusters, and scale-invariant groups, first at AMS Sectional Meeting, Vancouver, 2008, but this is now a newer version, at NYU Courant Institute, 2010.

Corner, trixor, odd-trixor, quaxor: Linear entropy planar percolation models without and with (conjectured) conformal invariance, IAS Park City Summer School, 2007.