Math. A3. English, 2017 Fall
MIDTERM TEST 2: on 29th November in class. I will correct it for 30th November, morning. Your responsibility is to bring the formula sheet about probability. There will be a consultation on 27th November, 6 PM in H46. PRINT AND BRING FORMULAS AND TABLE FOR THE EXAM, ALSO GOOD FOR THE SECOND TEST!!!
Make-up test (both topics can be repeated, improved or worthened): on 30th November, 18-20h, K234. (You need 18 points altogether for the signature.)
No classes next week, but there will be a consultation class on 11th December, 4 P.M. in H46. For those, who will not have signature, there will be a comprehensive makeup on 12th December. You have to register for it via NEPTUN before noon, 11th December.
Lecture notes available in the Copy Center, Budafoki u. 13. Ask for Bela Barabas: Differential Equations for the A3 course of Marianna Bolla. For probability see also .../~marib/ceu, first chapters of S. Ross' book.