Sep 5 , Kói, Tamás (BME MI): Introduction to Stochastic Processes (in Hungarian) (Abstract, Slides)

Sep 12, Hős, Csaba (BME GPK): Dynamics of direct spring operated pressure relief valve attached to pipeline: from Computational Fluid Dynamics to spreadsheet computation (in Hungarian) (Abstract, Slides)

Sep 19, Telcs, András (BME SZIT): Causality or something else (in Hungarian) (Abstract, Slides)

Sep 26, Bodó-Győri, Nikolett (Morgan Stanley): Value at Risk models in quantitative risk management (in English) (Abstract, Slides)

Oct 3, Benczúr, András (MTA SZTAKI): Sensor time series predictive analysis (in English) (Abstract, Slides)

Oct 10, Hangya, Balázs (MTA KOKI): Levels of mathematical modeling in systems neuroscience (in Hungarian) (Abstract, Slides)

Oct 17, Kalmár-Nagy, Tamás (BME GPK): Devilish eigenvalues: hysteresis and mechanistic turbulence (in Hungarian) (Abstract, Slides)

Oct 24, Sipos, Róbert (Citi): Trade compression as a linear optimization problem (in English) (Abstract, Slides)

Oct 31, Bozóki, Sándor (MTA SZTAKI): Weighting and ranking based on pairwise comparisons (in Hungarian) (Abstract, Slides)

Nov 7, Botond Kőszegi (CEU): Unrealistic Expectations and Misguided Learning (in English) (Abstract, Slides)

Nov 14, Komárik, András (Morgan Stanley): Credit Default Risk Modeling and Asset Return Correlations (in English) (Abstract, Slides)

Nov 21, Tóbiás, Roland (MTA-ELTE KKRK): Analysis of Spectroscopic Networks (in Hungarian) (Abstract, Slides)

Nov 28, Galambos, Péter (Óbuda University): Application-oriented Polytopic System Modelling (in Hungarian) (Abstract, Slides)

Dec 5, Szirmai, Edina (Morgan Stanley): Modeling wrong way and right way counterparty credit risk (in English) (Abstract)


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